Competence in ceramics#

At Fraunhofer IKTS, an interdisciplinary team of chemists, physicists, and materials scientists work in six research fields with the support of experienced technicians and research engineers. Focus is on ceramics manufacturers and users as project partners. Fraunhofer IKTS serves as a competent partner and initial contact for all ceramics-related problems, thus practically providing a “one stop shop” for ceramics.

Our mission is to bring technology worlds together, providing access to the diverse innovative solutions afforded by ceramics to our partners.

Electronics / Microsystems and Biomedical Engineering

Fraunhofer IKTS offers materials and production technologies, design rules as well as test technologies in order to continually extend the field of application for miniaturized systems, to shorten development cycles and to ensure system reliability.

Energy Systems

Fraunhofer IKTS supports industry and research partners in developing components and systems for energy and medical technology. Comprehensive experiences with ceramic materials and technologies as well as test and diagnostic systems are basis for that.

Environmental and Process Engineering

Fraunhofer IKTS is one of the world’s top research institutions in the field of materials separation and reaction technology by means of ceramic membranes. Ceramic membranes, filters, adsorbents and catalysts play a central role.

Materials and Process Characterization

Fraunhofer IKTS offers numerous characterization methods as well as extensive kiln technology for targeted development and optimization of materials, components and process.

Structural Ceramics

Fraunhofer IKTS masters powder technological production processes for all ceramic substance classes at highest level. Prototypes and pre-series, the development of industrial production processes and the implementation of quality processes can be realized for partners and customers.