Unique selling points

Continuous production lines in the field of structural and

In the field of structural ceramics, we offer all standard technologies for powder preparation, shaping, heat treatment, and finishing. In the field of functional ceramics, our special core competence is the preparation of pastes and slurries. We manufacture functional ceramic prototypes by means of our hybrid and multilayer ceramic line, which is situated in our own clean rooms.

Multiscale development

Developments can be transferred from the laboratory scale to the pilot plant scale; i.e., we are able to prepare feed materials on a ton scale and produce prototypes in relevant quantities to facilitate the market entry for our partners. Through this residual cost risks and time-to-market times can be minimized.

Synergies between structural and functional ceramics

The combination of the different technology platforms allows for the integration of additional functions into ceramic components. This facilitates the manufacturing of innovative products with a significant added value.

Network creator

In our current projects, we cooperate with more than 250 national and international partners. Within the Fraunhofer - Gesellschaft, we collaborate, for example, in the Fraunhofer Group for Materials and Components, and we are spokesperson of the Fraunhofer High Performance Ceramics Alliance, consisting of seven institutes that are particularly specialized in ceramics. Thus, we are able to support the creation of networks that are necessary for successful product development. We are also able to impart and integrate competencies outside the scope of our own expertise. Our work on the research front is based on experiences and knowledge collected over many years and is focused on the interests of our partners. An overview of our R&D fields and the appropriate contacts can be found on the following pages. We would like to continue inviting our partners to use our products and services.