Chemical Engineering


The department deals with a variety of topics in the field of chemical engineering and related fields. For example, starting with catalyst and reactor development, through model-based design to technical demonstration, all essential steps in the development and optimization of process engineering processes are covered. The interdisciplinary team makes use of both experimental investigations and various tools for process, component and flow modeling.

The focus is on transformation processes in the chemical, steel or energy industry with regard to the substitution of fossil fuels by sustainable raw material and energy sources. The department develops different approaches based on Carbon Direct Avoidance (CDA) and Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) of CO2. These include, for example, high-temperature electrolysis for the production of hydrogen or Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for the manufacturing of higher-value products.


Core competencies


  • Experimental and theoretical research on the development and evaluation of catalytic and electrochemical processes
  • Optimization of established processes and reactors
  • Simulation-supported development, design and optimization of components and processes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Scientific analysis and services


Modeling and Simulation



Process Systems Engineering