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With its »Energy« business division, Fraunhofer IKTS provides innovative components, modules and complete energy technology systems, developed, built and tested on the basis of ceramic materials and technologies. Its applications include energy storage and fuel cell systems, solar cells, energy harvesting modules and thermal energy systems, even solutions for bioenergetic and chemical energy sources.  

Successfully transforming our energy supply system to make it sustainable is one of the most important tasks facing us in the 21st century. This task requires that we use renewable and conventional energy sources as efficiently as possible while minimizing resulting damaging effects.

This means that efficient energy transformation, the integration of renewable energies and energy storage solutions that are able to respond to a fluctuating demand are of great importance for our future energy supply. In view of this, fuel cells allow to convert chemical energy into usable electric and thermal energy, thus helping to save primary energy.

High-performing electrical storage solutions, such as batteries, when combined with photovoltaic plants, enable electromobility and allow for a more efficient use of solar energy. The combination of wind energy converters and electrolyzers for the conversion of electric energy into fuels and chemicals allows to connect different energy sectors, making energy systems much more flexible.

When it comes to converting and storing electric and thermal energy, the systems used need to be robust and offer a long service life while being cost-efficient with regard to their manufacture and operation. As a full-service provider, Fraunhofer IKTS has been comprehensively addressing these challenges for several years in order to develop innovative solutions. This approach leads to significant competitive advantages, particularly in the dynamic market segment of energy production and storage.

Careful analysis, often including the modeling and simulation of the most important component within the system, which is often based on ceramic technology, always comes first. It is an indispensable step in order to use specific properties as effectively as possible and integrate the ceramic component optimally into energy converters and systems.

Cooperating with several partners from the industry, IKTS operates several pilot plants, covering the complete process chain for a modern manufacturing of energy system components. This means we are uniquely qualified to test and improve the materials and processes developed at the institute in semi industrial environments together with our clients.