Production processes

  • Thin-film technology (thermal CVD, PECVD, thermal ALD, PVD, LPD)
  • Thick-film technology (tape casting, screen printing, dispensing, roll coating)
  • Deposition techniques (aerosol and inkjet printing, plasma spraying, wet powder spraying)
  • Packaging techniques at high and low temperatures
  • Technologies for ceramic high-temperature materials and components (monolithic and CMC)

Materials and semi-finished products

  • Functional ceramics (powders, slurries, pastes, inks, tapes)
  • Structural ceramics (bulk, fibers, composite materials – for high temperatures in particular)
  • Special materials (solid-state ionic conductors, thermoelectric and electrode materials)
  • Protective and functional coatings (sealing glasses, solders, barrier coatings)


  • Fuel cells (electrolytes, joining elements, MEAs, stacks, systems engineering)
  • Batteries (electrolytes, active masses, electrodes, joining elements, cells, modules)


  • Thermochemical and mechanical characterization
  • Evaluation and assessment of fuel cell and battery components (performance, degradation, lifespan, cycles)
  • Evaluation and assessment of the energetic potential of substrates in bioenergy technology

Systems and consulting

  • System definition, simulation and modeling, plant engineering
  • Design (CAD) and prototyping of individual systems, through to pilot production
  • Measurement, automation and control systems
  • Function testing and validation of components and systems
  • Conceptual design and administration of tests, test stand construction and operation
  • Consulting and market analysis


  • Pilot plants for battery production (lithium-ion and sodium batteries)
  • Fuel cell test center
  • Bioenergy Application Center
  • Membrane Technology Application Center
  • Geothermic test stands