Reliability of Microsystems


For the system reliability of electronics, microsystems and technical equipment, the "Reliability of Electronic Microsystems" group at Fraunhofer IKTS offers:

  • numerical simulations for layout and packaging design,
  • material characterizations of individual and composite materials for packaging and interconnection technology (AVT),
  • reliability assessments under accelerated and field loading condition,
  • in-situ measurements of loadings and stresses and
  • non-destructive testing techniques (NDT) for physics of failure analysis.


When designing assemblies with system reliability in mind, we focus on

  • the measurement, calculation and analysis of applied loads and 
  • their influence on the system design.

Quality and failure analysis


Material characterization for FEM-suitable material models


FEM-supported design of electronics for product reliability


Lifetime models and service life models for high sustainability


Condition monitoring and prognostic health management for electronics


Environmental testing technology with in-situ measurement of loading parameters


Publicly funded projects



Cooperations and partnerships