Reliability of Microsystems


Thermal change cabinet with in-situ functional testing of electronic assemblies.
Simulation-assisted determination of materials parameters of structural-mechanical assemblies.
Simulation-assisted determination of failure behavior of electronic assemblies.

For system reliability in electronics, microsystems, and technical installations, the “Reliability of Microsystems” group at Fraunhofer IKTS offers numerical simulations for layout design, materials characterization for individual and composite materials in packaging, reliability assessments, in-situ test methods for measurement of stresses, and non-destructive test methods. Design of system reliability is focused on analysis of applied loads and measurement/calculation of stresses and subsequent effects on the system design (assembly layout).


Unique capabilities


  • Micromechanical characterization of solder materials and supply of material models for FEM simulations
  • High-resolution 3D X-ray computed laminography (HRCL, X-CT)
  • In-situ measurement of forces and deformations in thermal cycling (TMF) tests


Services offered


  • Creep and fatigue measurements on solder materials (-55 °C to 200 °C)
  • Thermomechanical characterization of polymers, potting, adhesives, PCBs, and pastes by DMA and TMA measurements (-50 °C to 400 °C)
  • Fatigue measurements on packaging materials, derivation of fatigue models for prediction of service life
  • In-situ resistance measurements in TMF tests (168 channels, -50 °C to 175 °C)
  • Vibration tests on components and assemblies (10 Hz to 4000 Hz, variable temperature)
  • Microscale optical deformation measurements
  • Structural mechanics FEM calculations (thermal, mechanical, and biomechanical)
  • Development of design support tools (FEM)
  • Physics of failure and damage analysis in electronic assemblies and microsystems


Technical infrastructure


  • X-ray chamber (x-ray CT, x-ray µCT, x-ray laminography)
  • X-ray diffractometer Seiffert PTS 3003
  • Vibration test stand LDS V455
  • Zwick/Roell Z250 – tensile and pressure machine
  • Microtensile and shear tester
  • Climatic chamber
  • Laser vibrometer for sound field measurement
  • Large stock of test samples for diverse materials groups, sizes and geometries
  • Temperature change cabinet (in-situ resistance and capacity measurements)
  • Temperature shock cabinet (in-situ resistance and capacity measurements)
  • Microtensile tester
  • Lap shear tester XYZ-Tech, Dage



  • ZVEI Arbeitskreis Hochtemperaturelektronik
  • ZIM-Netzwerk: Zuverlässigkeit von Leistungselektronik

Current research

Micromechanics of silver-sintered interconnects in power electronics

Current research

Non-contact determination of bio-mechanics of the eye through simulations


3D X-ray inspection of electronic components


Publicly funded projects