Biofuels (bioethanol, biobuthanol)

Membrane pilot plant.
Substrate preparation.

Bioethanol is used as a substitute in gasoline in Otto-engines. Especially in Europe the production of bioethanol has to be very efficient to be competitive to imports from Bra-zil. The production costs of bioethanol can be significant reduced by implementing ce-ramic membranes into the production process. Up to now bioethaol is produced on the basis of sugar or starch containing substrates (sugar cane, corn, sugar beet). With the increasing need of bioethanol the use of cellulosic residues is required (2nd generation of bioethanol) to prevent a misuse of food.




  • Efficient disintegration of substrates
  • Efficient saccharification by separation of glucose and recirculation of enzymes by using ceramic nanofiltration membranes
  • Continuous fermentation by separation of ethanol from diluted aqueous solutions with the help of organophilic pervaporation membranes, especially in case of cellulosic residues as well as the production of biobutanol
  • Complete dewatering of bioethanol after distillation by using hydrophilic NaA-zeolite
  • Preparation of animal food from fermentation residuals by using ceramic ultrafiltration membranes