Reduction of CO2 emission of combustion processes

O2-selektive Membranen
Oxygen-selective membranes.
Module development.
Membrane testing.

Carbon dioxide is the most relevant green house gas emitted mainly by combustion processes. The climatic targets of the Federal Government require the optimization of combustion processes and the separation of a concentrated CO2 waste stream which can be sequestrated. This is strong related to the development of inorganic membranes and their application in different parts of the power plant (oxyfuel, pre-combustion, post-combustion).




  • Oxygen enrichment of combustion air using oxygen permeable high temperature membranes (MIEC-membranes, mixed ion electron conducting membranes)
  • Gasification of fossil fuels in a membrane reactor with controlled oxygen supply by an oxygen permeable high temperature membrane 
  • Pure CO2 waste gas in power plants by combustion with a O2/CO2 mixture prepared by an oxygen permeable high temperature membrane 
  • Improvement of the efficiency of IGCC- as well as fuel cell power plants by H2/CO2 separation with the help of H2 selective nanoporous inorganic membranes and pro-duction of a pure CO2 waste gas for sequestration