Production of biogas from biogenic residues for local energy supply

Biogas plant.
Aufkonzentrierung mit Membranen
Concentration with membranes.

Biogas is an alternative sustainable energy resource because it is produced from renew-able resources as well as biogenic waste. Renewable resources are nearly CO2-neutral because they are consuming CO2 during growing. On the other hand the dependence on fossil fuels is reduced by energy production from biomass and the cultivation of re-newable resources opens up an employment perspective for the European agriculture. Biogas is produced by fermentation of biomass. The use of biomass is limited by high concentration of harmful gases like H2S as well as inert gas like CO2.




  • Efficient use of biogenic residues for the production of biogas (energy from straw) 
  • Treatment of substrates with the help of innovative energy efficient disintegration processes
  • Nutrient recycling from fermentation waste and treatment of process water by using ceramic nanofiltration membranes 
  • Gasification of residuals from biogas as well as bioethanol production 
  • Methane separation from biogas with the help of CO2/CH4-selective inorganic mem-branes 
  • Direct and indirect drying of biogas by using NaA-zeolite membranes 
  • Efficient residual material utilization with the help of ceramic membranes 
  • Biogas reforming to use biogas as a fuel for fuel cells