Thermomechanical modeling of components


Designing ceramic glow plug

Services offered


  • Development and analysis of finite element models for thermal/mechanical behavior of components
    • (Thermo)-mechanical stress evaluation for components
    • Analysis of thermal stress for components
    • Mechanical dimensioning of ceramic components
    • Dimensioning of joint solutions
  • Optimization of structures for direct heaters
  • Model-supported sensor development
  • Customer-specific development of simple stand-alone tools for use by customer


Examples of application


  • Construction of ceramic helical springs
  • Dynamic model for Spark Sintering Process devices
  • Designing of thick-film heater and direct heater applications (hot channel nozzle, ceramic direct heater, glow plug, CO2 and O2 sensor heater)
  • Design tools for ceramic pressure sensors


Construction of ceramic
helical springs.
Heater optimization for
CO2 sensor.