Modeling of SOFC stacks and components


CFD analysis of mixture formation inside a chemical reactor
Thermo-fluid model of a chemical reactor

Services offered


  • 3D modelling of the operating behavior (thermal, (electro-)chemical, mass transport) of SOFC stacks and structures
  • Analysis of thermomechanical phenomena in SOFC stacks
  • CFD-based optimization of mixture formation inside chemical reactors (reformer, tail gas oxidizers)
  • Analysis of thermal stresses in chemical reactors
  • Model-based parameter estimation


Examples and references


  • In-house, adaptable 3D process model for planar SOFC stack configurations from different industrial partners
  • Process model of tubular SOFC cells
  • Detailed 2D MEA-model for essential mechanisms on structural level for SOFC counter flow unit cell
  • CFD-based optimization (mixture formation , thermal stresses) of reformer und tail gas oxidizer protoypes in coporation with of industrial partners


Thermal model of a SOFC stack with integrated burner CFD analysis of gas distribution inside a SOFC stack Analysis of thermal stresses inside a single SOFC repeating unit