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Recovery of reusable materials from waste water and process media

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Elektrochemische Gewinnung von Selten-Erd-Verbindungen aus Haldenmaterial.

On the basis of the extensive technological competence available, processes for the recovery of recyclable materials from waste water and liquid process media as well as from secondary and non-conventional raw material sources are developed. The Fraunhofer IKTS covers the entire wet-chemical process chain from extraction (leaching) from solids to enrichment by membrane-supported extraction processes to the pure metal or target product. Electrochemical processes are preferred, but also process combinations with extraction processes are used. Of course, the corresponding chemical recovery and waste water treatment are also part of the portfolio.

Extensive experience exists in the extraction of rare earth concentrates from secondary raw material sources, in the pure preparation of various rare earth compounds as well as in the extraction of special and precious metals (indium, gallium, tellurium, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium) from scrap or slagheap material. A non-conventional resource are thermal deep waters from which many important raw materials can be extracted depending on the location.