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Permanent monitoring of pipelines

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Überwachungssystem für Korrosion in Rohrleitungen.

Corrosion, deposits, biofilms, fouling or other foreign substances impair the integrity of pipelines or even destroy them. Particularly in the case of very long pipeline networks, operators therefore endeavour to make maintenance and repair measures as efficient as possible. With the CoMoRanger®, Fraunhofer IKTS offers a monitoring system especially for corrosion-prone components with difficult accessibility. It is mainly used where conventional test pigs reach their limits. The system detects defects and continuously determines the residual wall thickness in the event of surface corrosion on above-ground, underground or vertical pipelines.

CoMoRanger® sends low-frequency ultrasonic waves, so-called guided waves, into the components and checks their condition. Since guided ultrasonic waves propagate almost undamped over long distances in pipelines, extensive structures can be examined from one location. This reduces the testing effort with regard to both the pure measurement time and the accessibility requirements for the component. The monitoring system of the Fraunhofer IKTS is characterized by a simple installation. The sensors are pressed against the pipe to be inspected by means of a steel band and remain permanently on the object to be monitored.

CoMoRanger® reduces the effort for recurring routine inspections and predictive maintenance measures. If no defect is detected, unnecessary excavation work, coating removal or scaffolding installations are avoided. This leads to a reduction in operating costs.