Successful recertification and monitoring

Result of many years of consistent customer and process orientation at Fraunhofer IKTS- Sustainable quality assurance management in both institute branches and compliance with legal environmental requirements

The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS Dresden is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by the TÜV Industrie Service GmbH. In February 2010, Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden was expanded through an institute branch in Hermsdorf which is also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 13485. In February 2012 the Institute were successfully recertified by TÜV Rheinland CERT GmbH according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. The certification according to EN ISO 13485 was undertaken by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.

As the main focus of our research lies in the field of energy and environmental management system in Dresden by the end of this year, which will be in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. This system will guarantee that our processes will comply to work safety and environmental standards as well as legal conditions and regulations while maintaining our competitiveness.

Within the framework of these audits the services and the quality of the internal and external business processes are assessed. The successful recertification is the result of the continuous optimization of our processes and the compliance environmentally relevant aspects.

In addition, Fraunhofer IKTS, institute branch Hermsdorf, is certified according to the standard EN ISO 13485 for the scope of "Design and development, manufacture and distribution of crown and bridge frameworks made of oxide ceramics" by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.

The certification as well as accreditation of special laboratories prove and guarantee the quality of our work, and thus facilitate the cooperation with our partners.

The integrated and process-oriented management system of Fraunhofer IKTS aims at improving our business processes for the benefit of best-possible quality, occupational safety and environmental friendliness based on the core requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/ IEC 17025 and ISO 13485. Our objectives are:

  • Continuous increase of customer satisfaction
  • Strengthening of economic efficiency
  • Sustainable improvement of competitiveness
  • Compliance environmentally relevant legal restraint
  • Cost savings through sustainable systematic environmental systematization
  • Responsible use of resources
  • Excellent advanced research to fulfill customer requirements in the long term
  • Continuous improvement (optimization) of internal organization in order to make it more transparent for all participants leading to cost reductions by more efficient working

We underpin these objectives by meeting the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 / 14001 by further developing our management system.