Oxide and polymer-ceramic components




Keramikkomponenten Hüftgelenkendoprothese
Hip joint prothesis
Strukturierte ZrO2-Oberfläche
Structured surface of zirconia ceramic

Application areas


  • Development of  bioceramic on the basis of aluminia, zirconia and their dispersions
  • Formation  of  CAD/CAM process  cain   for manufacturing  of ceramic  prototypes


Services offered


  • Development  of  granulate material s e.g. ZTA  or  ATZ
  • Slip casting  of  ceramic  components with  complex geometries
  • Development of oxid  ceramic materials on  basis  of  Al2O3,ZrO2 and  their dispersions with a fine disperse structure and high strength
  • CAD/CAM-process chain for manufacturing  of implant  components
  • Structuring of surfaces by  slip casting
  • Sintering in oxidizing and reducing atmosphere


Technical equipment


  • Spray towers
  • stirred ball mills with 0,16l, 2l, 1,2l and 4l grinding chamber
  • 4-axis milling machine
  • Uniaxial dry pressing Sintering furnaces (oxidizing and reducing atmosphere )
  • Surface conditioning machines (grinding, lapping)
  • Surface measuring instrument TALYSURF (Taylor Hobson)