Oxide and polymer-ceramic components


Dental ceramics


Screenshot einer anatomisch reduzierten Zahnform
Screenshot einer anatomisch reduzierten Zahnform
Ermittlung der Frakturfestigkeit von Brückengerüsten
Measure of the fracture strength
Kronengerüste mit biologischen Design
Crown- and bridge frameworks

Application area


  • Dental applications on the basis of alumina, zirconia, dispersions and glass-ceramic
  • Development  of  CAD/CAM-process chains  for  manufacturing  of ceramic  components  with free form surfaces


Service offered


  • Scans of single  teeth and up to 16-unit saw-cut models
  • Slip casting of ceramic components such  as  crown and bridge frameworks
  • Development  of  ceramic  materials on the basis of alumina, zirconia  and their dispersions
  • CAD/CAM-process chain  for  manufacturing  complex geometries e.g.dental restorations
  • Sintering in oxidizing and reducing  atmosphere
  • Development  of glass-ceramic materialsl on the basis of  lithium disilicate


Technical equipment


  • Laboratory jawcrusher
  • stirred ball mills  with  0 ,16l,1,2l , 2l and 4l grinding chamber
  • Digitizing  system
  • 4-axis milling machine
  • Furnaces (oxidizing and reducing  atmosphere)
Optischer 3D-Scanner
Digitizing system