Quality and safety testing


Zweikammer- Temperaturschocker
Equipment for climatic and temperature tests
Labor für mech. Werkstoffprüfung (Universalprüfmaschinen Zwick 100 und TIRATest 2300)
Equipment for mechanical tests

The tests are based on national and international standards and norms as well as client specific requirements and are executed with a wide range of modern testing methods and equipment. The laboratory is certified by the VDE Center and TÜV Nord as well as the „ Deutschen Akkreditierungsrat (DAR) “every year.


Sevices offered


  • Climatic Tests, such as One Cell-/Two Cell-Shock Tests, High- and Low Temperature Bearings and Salt Fog Tests
  • Vibration- and Jolt Tests (Vibration Test to 30g from 50kg; Jolt Test to 800g)
  • Safety Tests as a base for declarations of conformity and the issuance of certificates
  • Accredited (through the DGA) electric material tests for specification of different kinds of resistances as well as di-electric characteristics
  • Material Tests for judgement of Fire Hazard with Glow Wire, Spheric Pressure and Flashover Tests
  • Mechanical Material Tests for the characterization of: Trative-, Pressure- and Bending Strength, Adhesive Strength, Temperature Change Endurance, Fraction Tests, Acoustic Emission Analysis
  • In-house QS and Medicine support: Commissioner for Accredited Laboratories, Commissioner for Environment and Quality Management, Sewage and Waste Commissioner, Safety Commissioner for Medicine


Technical equipment


  • Diverse Climatic Chambers and Ovens for Tests between 75° and 1000°C
  • Equipments for Shock Tests between 70° and 180°C
  • Vibe Test Station for up to 30g and 50kg burden
  • Jolt Facility for 10 to 800g
  • Salt Fog Chamber
  • Universal Test Machine Zwick 100 and TIRATest 2300 for mechanical material tests up to 100 kN