Technical equipment


  • Confocal laser-scanning microscope (CLSM) Leica TCS SP5
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM) Park XE-100 with EFM, MFM, SThM, Liquid Cell 
  • Raman system Horiba LabRAM HR Vis

Coupling the three devices enables measuring AFM and Raman in combination, as well as laser-scanning microscope and Raman in combination. 

  • Olympus SZX 12 stereo microscope with image analysis 
  • Koerzimat Förster 1.095 to determine coercive force 
  • Setaram D6025 sigmameter to determine the magnetic saturation 
  • Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer to determine dFSSS 
  • Micromeritics Multivolume Pycnometer 1305 to determine powder density 
  • Bulk density and tap density 
  • Safety vacuum drying chamber Binder VDL53 
  • Pin-on-disk tribometer 
  • Tumbling mill Zoz LKM10 
  • Netzsch 0.75l and 2l attritors 
  • Planetary ball mill Retsch PM4 
  • Vibratory disk mill Retsch RS1
  • Ultra-centrifugal mill Retsch ZM100
  • High-temperature furnace Linn HT1800
  • T2C Turbula mixer 
  • SMT MTT50 demagnetizer