Online course ”Design for PM”


Now more than ever, the fast-paced industrial and technological progress of today requires lifelong learning. The globalized economy as well as growing production batches enable the use of powder metallurgical components, making it possible to manufacture great quantities even of complex geometries at reasonable costs. Within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci program, which has been the most important instrument of the European Community to respond to such newly arisen needs in this area of professional training since 1995, a web-based learning platform is being developed as part of the “DesignforPM” project. It will acquaint students and engineers with the design and proper application of powder metallurgical components. Following the introduction of powder metallurgical production processes, the features and uses of powder metallurgically formed components as well as of hardmetal tools and wear parts are presented. Particular attention is given to thin-walled components manufactured in metal casting processes. The project, which is supported by 15 organizations (six industrial companies, three universities and four training institutions), was launched on October 01, 2006 and has a two-year term. Together with the company HILTI, Fraunhofer IKTS is responsible for the hardmetal section of the course.


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