Cutting punches.

Field of activity


  • Tribology/wear 
    Tribological system 
    Sheet metal/lubricant/tool
    • Strip draw test
    • Pin-on-disk method (RT ... 1100 °C) 
  • Materials expertise
  • Powder metallurgical high-speed steel Hardmetals/cermets/Ceramics
  • Damage analysis Characterization of materials and boundary layers Fatigue loading (tribological, corrosive, oxidative)
  • Surface reactions 
  • Quantitative fractography 
  • Tool construction and design Design of functional surfaces (residual stress, machining condition)


Services offered


Tool selection, development and prototype production for forming tools from hardmetals/cermets and high-performance ceramics 

  • Optimization of the tribological system 
  • Workpiece material/lubricant/tool material 
  • Damage assessments based on fractographic and ceramographic analyses 
  • Tool development in close cooperation with process and design engineers 
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with Fraunhofer Institutes and academic institutions