Development of alloys


In the today’s difficult global economic environment, highly effective production is of the utmost importance. This cannot be achieved without using modern tools which ensure process reliability. Hardmetals can cover a wide property spectrum between metal and ceramics, depending on their composition and their fineness of structure. Thanks to their great variety of different properties, these materials can be used as cutting and forming tools in metal, wood and stone machining and as wear parts. By making use of the IKTS’ long years of experience, manufacturers and users of tools can keep informed about current trends and future developments in the field of tool materials. This makes it easy to choose the suitable cutting materials for one’s own needs or have them developed according to one’s individual requirements. Our expertise covers, among other things, the synthesis of hard materials, joining technology, extremely coarse WC-Co carbides, ultrafine WC ceramics with a grade of HV10=2900 and wear-resistant cermets, as well as the small-scale processing of nanocrystalline hard materials.