Online measurement technoloqy for characterization of suspensions


The Reprocessment of suspensions is based on the particles size distribution and their surface charge. During the Production of particles it is necessary for controlling and regulation as well as quality protection to reliabily captures important suspension characteristics with the help of online measurement technology. To make sure that the characteristics of the sample are not influenced, the analysis is made in a processing relevant concentration area. In a by BMBF sponsored project an online measurement system for particle analysis is developed together with project partners. The program makes it possible to endorse the already possible characterization methods with particle size, agglomeration state and particle shape of nano particles.


Services offered


  • Process Supporting studies of the surface rations of the particles
  • Validation of Measurement technologies for particle analysis
  • Studies for electric static and steric stabilization of suspensions


Technical equipment


  • Field-ESA Measurement System for online capture of characteristics
  • Combination with Offline Measurement Technology