Processing properties of powders


The processing properties of suspended particles are mainly determined by their surface charge properties and their size and shape distribution. Accordingly, the analysis under the specific conditions adapted to the following processing steps is of great importance. Furthermore, it is also possible to check the homogeneity within a batch or mixture and to compare different batches or products of different manufacturers.


Products and services offered


  • Measurement of particle size distribution of powders
    (range: 1 nm to 2000 µm)
  • Characterization of surface charge properties in low and high concentrated suspensions
  • Evaluation of agglomeration and aggregation
  • In-process measurements, e. g. recording of refining kinetics
  • Evaluation of powder dispersability in water and organic solvents
  • Offline and online characterization of suspensions
  • Analysis of organic and inorganic materials (e. g. ceramics, hardmetals, oxides, carbides, nitrides, metals, polymers)


Technical equipment


  • Measurement of particle size distribution in suspensions and dry powders by laser light diffraction (Mastersizer 2000) and by dynamic light scattering in suspensions (Zetasizer Nano ZS)
  • Dynamic image analysis for wet dispersions and dry powders (QICPIC)
  • Measurement of rheological properties (Physica MCR101)
  • Analysis of electrophoretic mobility by microelectrophoresis (Zetamaster, Zetasizer Nano ZS)
  • Analysis of dynamic mobility by electroacoustic signal ESA (ZetaProbe, ESA8000, Field-ESA)
  • Analysis of surface charge properties at solid surfaces such as filter materials (EKA)