Slurry development


The processing characteristics of high concentrated suspensions are highly determined by their viscosity, homogenity and their state of dispersion. These parameters can be influenced by adding fitting dispersants and in this way the characteristics of the suspension can be adjusted. To make the right decision about which dispersant to use, knowledge about the interactions between particles, dispersant and consumables are necessary. Besides the characterization of electric charge proportion on the particle surface through electroacoustic methods, rheological measurements in oscillation and rotation are made. Through combination of measurement technology, a simultane capture of electro static and steric effects in for further processing relevant concentrations is possible.


Services offered


  • Complex Characterization of Sludges in high concentrations in dilute and indilute systems
  • Complex Characterization of interactions between organic consumables and particle surface
  • Definition of suspension structure and flow characteristics of very low viscose and pasty sludges
  • Process supporting surveys of the particle‘s surface charge ratios as well as the flow characteristics of the suspension


Technical equipment


  • Analysis of the dynamic mobility of particles with Akustophoretic measurements (ZetaProbe, Feld-ESA, ESA8000)
  • Analysis of the suspension structure and flow characteristics of sludges through rotation and oscilliation Rheometer (Physica MCR101)
  • Determination of pH-values, electric charge ability and Temperature of the suspension