Powder and suspension characterization under REACH


Since the entry into force of the new European chemical regulation on registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH) in 2007 the manufacturers and importers are subject to chemical registration and safety assessment. Registration of chemicals occurs successive and is based on the annual production or import quantity:

  • 1. phase: registration deadline until December 2010 for substances above 1000 t/a
  • 2. phase: registration deadline until June 2013 for substances above 100 t/a
  • 3. phase: registration deadline until June 2018 for substances above 1 t/a

In addition to information about the manufacturer/importer, the purpose or the name of the chemical substance data for the risk assessment is required for the chemical registration to ECHA (European chemical agency). The latter is based on a detailed description of the physical and chemical properties of the substance. The DIN EN ISO/EC 17025 accredited laboratory of powder and suspension characterization provides the valuation of materials with different chemical compositions. The focus of the characterization is on REACH-relevant properties such as particle size, specific surface area, density, particle shape, surface charge and crystal structure.


Services offered


  • powder characterization
    • particle size distribution
    • specific surface area
    • density
    • porosity
    • electron microscopic analysis
    • crystal structure
  • suspension characterization
    • state of agglomeration and aggregation
    • surface charge/zeta potential
    • viscosity
  • analysis of nanomaterials and their toxicological evaluation in the framework of Particle Safety Laboratory (PSL; www.particlesafety.ufz.de)


Technical equipment - accredited laboratory


  • particle size analysis based on laser diffraction, dynamic and static light scattering and analytical centrifugation
  • helium pycnometry
  • mercury porosimetry
  • electro kinetic and electro acoustic testing methods
  • rotation and oscillation viscometry
  • particle shape identification using dynamic image analysis
  • X-ray diffraction, field emission scanning electron microscope equipped with EDX (ceramography)




  • Accreditation Certificate
  • Certification document IKTS