Automation of energy and process engineering processes

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HMI of a fully automated Fischer-Tropsch plant.
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Control system for a test rig for high-pressure hydrogenation reactions.

The Process Systems Engineering group develops and applies complex controller architectures for energy and environmental process technologies such as electrolysis, gas-to-liquid (GTL), power-to-liquid (PTL) as well as components associated to the system. For specific applications model-based and model-predictive control strategies are applied.


Services offered


  • Model-based and model-predictive controllers for energy and environmental process technology
  • Process visualization, data logging and analysis for complex systems
  • Realization of complete system controls
  • Real-time process simulations with MATLAB/Simulink
  • Development of hardware- and software-in-the-loop systems
  • Adaptive controller algorithms for operation of degradation afflicted process components
  • Real-time capable implementation of controller algorithms in Structured Text, IL, LD, FBD, C/C++, MATLAB/Simulink and JAVA


Technical equipment


  • Software tools:
    • MathWorks Software (MATLAB, Simulink, Realtime-Workshop, etc.)
    • Bachmann Solution Center, M-PLC (IEC1131-3), M-Target (Simulink)
    • Beckhoff TwinCAT
    • National Instruments Software (Labview, Diadem, etc.)
    • Siemens Software (Step7, WinCC)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Proprietary software framework for the control of test facilities and prototype systems
  • Hardware:
    • Programmable Logic Controllers like S7-300 (Siemens), Compact Fieldpoint (National Instruments), MX213/MC210 (Bachmann) and C6015 (Beckhoff)




  • Automation of a pressure-loaded SOFC/gas turbine system
  • Development of an automation system for a 3D printer for ceramic materials
  • Automation of production plants for the manufacturing of solid oxide fuel cells
  • Automation of power-to-X demonstration systems in a deployment environment