Reactor Development


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Stands for reactor tests.
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Ceramic tape-based support structures for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

The development of application-specific reactors for catalytic and non-catalytic chemical reactions is one of the research fields of the Process Systems Engineering group. This comprises the design on the basis of a given specification but also on the basis of developed and validated models. The applicability of the design is subsequently tested under relevant operating conditions. For the development of novel reactor concepts innovative ceramic catalyst support structures as well as flow and multiphysics simulations are applied. Realizable or already realized development tasks cover a wide range of applications, e.g. high-pressure reactors for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis or methanol synthesis as well as small-scale generation of syngas in high-temperature reactors. Moreover, also the design of catalytic and non-catalytic burners is one of the topics covered by the group.


Services offered


  • Development of innovative reactor concepts applying new ceramic support structures
  • Modeling and simulation of flow processes
  • Design of reactors and burners for several applications
  • Performance of reactor tests




  • Design of afterburner solutions for test stands
  • Development of a Fischer-Tropsch reactor for the use of tape-based ceramic support structures
  • Design of a burner-reformer unit for use in high temperature fuel cell systems