Piezoelectric composite materials and components



Piezoelectric composite materials are further developed in terms of optimization and enhancement of functional properties of components such as ultrasonic transducers and active structural components.
In this development process it is the special challenge to adapt the process technology in order to prevent damaging of the components during manufacturing.

Tailor-made properties and industrial applicable technologies are the most important development goals.


Services offered


  • Development and prototype manufacturing of piezoceramic composites applicable as sensors and actuators in technical components and systems
  • Manufacturing of customized active and passive components


Technical Equipment


  • CAD-CAM system Topsolid, Solidworks
  • High-precision CNC machining center KERN MMT
  • Screen-printer with semi-automatic positioning system
  • Layer thickness measuring system (dry and wet films)
  • Vacuum infiltration equipment
  • Lamination press
  • Laser cutting equipment
  • Automatic dicing saw DAD3350


Examples and references


  • Piezofiber composite materials for ultrasound transducers
  • Robust and fault-tolerant piezocomposite actuators