Production of client-specific special pastes and inks


Our platform, Thick-Film Components (TFC) (see downloads) provides our clients with the option to purchase fully developed special pastes and inks, use them in industrial conditions and subject them to further testing. Our activities in this area are focused on providing manufacturing processes that are reproducible and on schedule, and on product qualities which we ensure in compliance with DIN/ISO 9000.

In addition to special pastes and inks which we deliver to our clients exclusively, we also offer special pastes for niche applications, such as pastes for aluminum nitride ceramics. Thanks to its high heat conductivity (180-200 W/m K), low thermal expansion coefficient (~ 4.4 · 10-6 K-1, similar to silicon) and its favorable dielectric properties, AIN is an outstanding substrate material for power electronics (see downloads), radio frequency and microwave technology. Applications as thick-film heating elements are also popular.

All this means that Fraunhofer IKTS offers a full-range thick film paste system for AIN which is unique worldwide and meets all requirements pursuant to RoHS II and REACH.

Overview of our special pastes

The following overview lists the AIN pastes currently available (conductor, resistor and glass pastes). We would be pleased to send you more detailed information on client-adapted special pastes and inks. In addition to English, the safety data sheets are also available on request in Chinese, Korean, Italian, Spanish or French. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Conductor pastes

Paste Base material R [mΩ/sq] Area of application Data sheet Safety data sheet
FK1071 AgPt ≤ 6 Low layer resistance DS_FK1071 SDS_FK1071
FK1916 AgPd ≤ 15 High solderability and adhesive strength DS_FK1916 SDS_FK1916
FK1205 AgPd ≤ 25 High solderability and adhesive strength DS_FK1205 SDS_FK1205
FK1953 AgPd ≤ 25 High solderability and adhesive strength DS_FK1953 SDS_FK1953
FK1282 AgPt ≤ 35 Excellent resistance to dealloying DS_FK1282 SDS_FK1282
FK1574 AgPtPd ≤ 60 Excellent resistance to dealloying in lead-free solder DS_FK1574 SDS_FK1574
FK1572 Ag ≥ 3,5 For the production of layers with low surface resistivity DS_FK1572 SDS_FK1572
FK1601 Ag ≤3 For the production of lead-free solderable thick-film conductors with a very low sheet resistivity DS_FK1601 SDS_FK1601
FK1105 Ag ≤ 7 Via filling paste, optionally hermetic DS_FK1105 SDS_FK1105
FK3101 Cu ≤ 0,6 For application on Al2O3 and pre-oxidised AlN ceramics; for layer build-up up to 300 µm height DS_FK3101 SDS_FK3101
FK3201 Cu < 2 For application on Al2O3 and non-pre-oxidised AlN ceramics DS_FK3201 SDS_FK3201