Simulation-based development of components made of technical ceramics


FEM-Model of a dental bridge

The use of simulation based technologies in an early stage of product or technology development is an indispensable part of a successful design process. This aim leads to advanced implementation of CAD-integrated analysis technology.


Services offered


  • Preparation and monitoring of tests with mechanical and thermo-mechanical loads or boundary conditions for ceramic parts, assemblies or specified test pieces
  • FE-Analysis in combination with the calculation of structural strength under consideration of the specific properties of technical ceramics 
  • Evaluation of results based on a long-time experience in design and development of ceramic products  and components


Technical equipment


Software: CAD: Autodesk Inventor  2011, SolidWorks  Premium 2011; FEM: COSMOS/M, SolidWorks Simulation Premium, CFD: FloEFD

Calculation of mechanical behaviour  of a honeycomb structure under consideration of load direction; angle of 45° with regard to the cell structure.