Heat and fluid flow simulation for process applications


CAD-model for fluid flow simulation

In addition to the evaluation of the thermo-mechanical behavior of ceramic components with respect to  service conditions the optimization of technological processes becomes more and more important. The main goals are the improvement of product properties and the save of production costs. The simulation of process conditions and reciprocal action with adjacent components or fluid interactions as well are another point of interest.


Services offered


  • Calculation of thermal and flow behavior in process technology with focus on filtration processes
  • Calculation of fluid flow within porous filtration elements under consideration of permeability of support and layer structure with respect to the fluid properties in addition to application tests
  • Valuation of normalized filtration performance for known and newly developed support structures influenced by thermal and mechanical loads and boundary conditions 


Technical equipment


Software: FEM: COSMOS/M, SolidWorks Simulation Premium, CFD: FloEFD


Examples and references


Characterization of fluid flow (feed, permeate) in cross-flow-filtration process with various support structures and membrane layers; Fluid: water

Pressure drop in the cross-section area of a 37-channel support structure with various membrane layers (Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration).