Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC)


CMC for high temperature application.

In the era of energy-saving construction, fiber-reinforced ceramics are becoming increasingly important. Whether for applications for temperature-stressed components or at particularly high damage tolerance, abrasion resistance and resistance in corrosive media, ceramic fiber composites are increasingly being used in automotive, energy and thermal engineering. For the use under extreme thermal stress corrosion, protective coatings are applied to the fiber-reinforced ceramics. The coatings are adapted to the environment and provide reliable protection against oxidation and hot corrosion.

Services offered


  • Development, production and characterization of oxide and non-oxide CMCs
  • Application-oriented development of short- and long-fiber-reinforced ceramic composites
  • Customized development and optimization of ceramic matrices in terms of their use of materials (strength, corrosion resistance)
  • Development of appropriate fiber-matrix interfaces for damage-tolerant fracture behavior
  • Development of corrosion protection coatings (Environmental Barrier Coatings) for ceramic composites (Ceramic Matrix Composites ) and their characterization in flowing oxidative and corrosive media (hot gas tests)
  • Reinforcement of ceramic tubes


Technical equipment


  • Industrial filament winding plant for the production of CMCs on winding technology
  • Hot press for shaping precursor-based CMCs
  • Furnace technology for debinding, pyrolysis and sintering of composite materials in various reactive and inert atmospheres (see Sintering and Characterization)
  • Corrosion test for gas turbine-like conditions (1100-1450°C at 100 m/s flow velocity)
  • Special equipment and techniques for the structural characterization of the mechanical testing of composite materials such as circular ring test and single fiber push-out test


Areas of application / References


  • Corrosion protection coatings for ceramics and fiber composites
  • Heat pipes for the use in stationary gas turbines
  • Brake discs for automotive, rail and aviation