Different semimetals and semiconductors like bismuth telluride and lead telluride are among the established thermoelectric materials. Since the 1990s significant progress has been made with regard to their efficiency using nanostructural concepts. Thus, ceramic materials were also focused.

Thermoelectric materials have to fulfill different requirements: they must show high electrical and low thermal conductivity as well as high thermoelectric power. In this field we develop carbide, nitride, oxide and mixed ceramics as well as adequate high-temperature thermoelectric materials. Additionally, cost-efficient ceramic technologies are developed supporting the industrial application of these materials.


Products and services offered


  • Development and realization of ceramic thermoelectric systems
  • Materials development to adjust the optimal spectrum of properties
  • Technology development to provide ceramic thermoelectric materials
  • Development of specific joining technologies for high temperatures
  • Measurements of resistivity, thermal conductivity, Seebeck coefficient and charge carrier concentration up to 1000 °C


Technical equipment


  • Complete technology and equipment for materials development and component manufacturing
  • Combined van der Paw/Hall/Seebeck test stand for measurements from room temperature up to 1000 °C


Examples and references


  • Optimized S-SiC material with thermal conductivity of < 15 W/mK and high electrical conductivity
  • P-doped and n-doped SiC material with high electrical conductivity
  • CVD thin-film SiC elements with high Seebeck coefficient