Microelectronics and high-purity SiC


The manufacturing of SiC materials of sufficient purity for electric applications requires a production line separated from the conventional one. On request, there is the possibility to provide appropriate plants at Fraunhofer IKTS, and to manufacture all known SiC materials of defined purity. We have experience in the field of Si-SiC, but S-SiC, R-SiC and LPS-SiC can also be manufactured. Appropriate concepts and technologies have to be developed in order to incorporate the defined amount of dopants.


Products and services offered


  • Plant design and installation to manufacture SiC materials/components of defined purity
  • Technology development for doped SiC components
  • Measurement of charge carrier concentrations and resistance


Technical equipment


  • Expandable equipment for the manufacturing of SiC materials
  • Hall test stand
  • Test stand for resistance measurements


Examples and references


  • High-purity Si-SiC components for wafer manufacturing