Temperature sensors


The mostly used sensors for determining temperature are resistance thermometers and thermocouples. Especially the resistance thermometer is characterized by a very high measurement accuracy combined with a good long-term stability. In contrast to the thermocouples the applicable temperature range is rather low. However, this gap can be closed by using Multilayer ceramic technology. While commercial resistance thermometers of accuracy class A are used to maximum 300 ° C (thin film sensors) or 600 ° C (wire-based sensors), it is possible to measure with high precision in the range up to 1000 ° C by using HTCC-based temperature sensors.
The sensor consists of integrated platinum conductors distributed over different layers, whereby resistances of up to 1000 W can be achieved.  Due to the Multilayer-technology, the platinum resistor network is hermetically sealed in ceramic, creating a superior robustness, stability in high temperature ranges and in aggressive atmospheres. In combination with customized packaging solutions for the high temperature range, we achieve remarkable response times and support typical assembly methods.


Technical characteristics:


Characteristics 0 - 850 °C according to DIN EN 60751 
R(T) = R0 (1+AT + BT2

Nominal resistance

Thermal coefficient
of resistance
3830 *10-6 K-1
Accuracy ± 1K (RT - 550 °C) class A; without hysteresis
Long-term stability
1200 °C / 500 h without degradation


Services offered:


  • Customized development and adaption of Multilayer-based temperature sensors
  • Development of customized packaging solutions for the high temperature range
  • Characterization in different temperature ranges