Pressure sensors


Development of the pressure sensor at Fraunhofer IKTS.

The advantages of ceramic sensors compared to silicon based thin-film technology sensors result initially from the optimum combination of the properties Gauge - factor (K) and temperature coefficient of resistance of the thick film printed resistors. Using pre-structured Greentapes, the Multilayer-technology provides the structuring of integrated channels and cavities as well as free- standing membranes.

The developed pressure sensors operate with piezoresistive thick-film-resistors, which are deposited on the positions of maximum strain on the membrane. A pressure-induced deformation causes a measureable change of the resistance. The integrated electronics convert the analog signal directly at the sensor element and corrects for the temperature influence, offset voltage and realizes the sensor signal digitization.


Technical characteristics:


  • Sensor characteristics for gauge and differential pressure sensor in the download area
  • Ratio of maximum flexural stress and Young’s Modulus: 2,7 * 10-3 MPa for LTCC


Services offered:


  • Development of custom solutions for pressure sensing (gauge, absolute and differential pressure)
  • Adaption to the measurement conditions
  • Special solutions for pressure sensing in high temperature ranges and under aggressive atmospheres.