Force sensors


Fabrication of the force sensors in multiple panels.
Piezoresistive miniaturized force sensors based on LTCC for three nominal loads (2N, 5 N, 10 N) with assembled metal pins with thread (M4).

The geometrical structuring of the LTCC allows for the fabrication of complex deformable bodies in an easy way and in multiple panels (wafer process). The involved printing processes place the piezoresistive resistors exactly on the positions of maximum tensile or compressive stresses. This allows for the accurate determination of the applied force. Due to the low Young’s Modulus of the ceramic body material, strong displacements already occur at small loads, which causes a strong change in the resistance. The applications for the developed force sensors are located in the following fields: Testing and assembly systems, microsystems, robotics and haptic systems.


Technical characteristics:


  • Force sensors for nominal loads: 0.1 N to 1,000 N,
  • Measuring signal ≥ 1,0 mV/V
  • Accuracy ≤ 0,5
  • Temperature range: -25 °C to 600 °C (1000 °C in HTCC-Technology)
  • Specific sensor characteristics in the download area.


Services offered:


  • Development of custom solutions for force sensing and adaption to the specific measurement conditions (tensile loads, compressive loads and shear loads),
  • Development of customized measuring principles (piezoresistive, capacitive, inductive, piezo-electric and
  • Development of miniaturized force sensors in SMT-packages.