Spray drying


Spray dryer in pilot scale for up-scaling (NIRO A/S)

Spray drying is used to prepare ceramic or metallic suspensions and solutions as ready-to-press granules (10–150 μm), powders and powder mixtures with defined properties. Spray drying is mainly used for ready-to-press granules for uniaxial and isostatic pressing which affect the properties and the reliability of ceramic system components through the following granule characteristics:

  • Size and shape distribution
  • Inner and outer granule structure
  • Mechanical properties of single granules (strength, deformability)
  • Compaction behavior
  • Flowability
  • Constancy of properties during changing environmental effects


Products and services offered


  • Development of ready-to-press granulates and functional powder mixtures in laboratory and pilot scale:
    • Derivation/definition of the target design
    • Selection/optimization of compaction aids (binder, plasticizer, lubricant)
    • Investigation of the effect of technological parameters on product properties (e.g. milling parameters, drying and spray parameters, suspension properties, granule preparation)
    • Alternative technologies for solvent based routes
  • Transfer of developments into pilot and production scale
  • Support with product launch at customer’s site by:
    • Manufacturing of products in pilot scale (test stage)
    • Quality assurance, process optimization, investment scheduling and technology transfer
  • Tests with customer material, product characterizations
  • Complex process analyses with the client


Technical equipment


Spray dryers in laboratory (2 Moble Minor, development) and pilot scale (2 Production Minor, transfer) with two-fluid nozzles (cocurrent flow, fountain principle) and rotary atomizers for water and solvents (nitrogen, explosion-proof), NIRO A/S
Materials preparation technology (milling/homogenization) and periphery (dispersing tank, heated and cooled)
Screening plants for conditioning (20–500 μm with US support [optional]), Allgaier, Telsonic