Granulation, drying, coating


Granules with homogenous structure
Granules with gradient structure

This field covers the mechanical and thermal granulation of solutions and suspensions for the manufacturing of granulates (10–5000 μm) with defined properties as drying product/ready-to-press granulate/spray powder/beads with homogeneous or gradient structures.


Products and services offered


  • Selection and optimization of granulation aids (binder, plasticizer, lubricant)
  • Drying and granulation of solutions and suspensions by spray drying or fluidized bed techniques with air or inert gas and under explosion-proof conditions
  • Characterization and optimization of granules (bulk solids, single granules)
  • Coating of disperse materials (> 50 µm)
  • Layering granulation of disperse seeds
  • Powder agglomeration in fluidized beds, jets and intensive mixers
  • Complex process and bulk analyses
  • Tests with customer material
  • Transfer to production scale


Technical equipment


  • Spray dryers in laboratory (2) and pilot scale (2) (air, inert gas, explosion-proof), NIRO A/S
  • Fluidized bed system (granulation, coating, agglomeration), Glatt GmbH
  • Spray freeze granulation (laboratory plant for composition development)
  • Freeze dryer, vacuum drying chamber
  • Intensive mixer (1 l tank for composition development, 5 l tank), Eirich GmbH
  • Turbula mixer, Bachofen AG
  • Vacuum rotary evaporator (composition development)
  • Wet powder spraying equipment for planar and rotational symmetrical surfaces


Examples and references


  • Granulation of highly disperse raw materials (bentonite, carbon black)
  • Battery granulate (intensive mixer, compactor)
  • Ceramic and hardmetal grinding balls (0,2–2 mm)
  • Al2O3 grinding balls with sub-μm microstructure for the deagglomeration of nanoparticles
  • Development of ZnO sorbents (hollow ball structure) for gas cleaning
  • Technology for the manufacturing of polycrystalline materials
  • Development of catalyst structures (homogeneous/gradient)