Granulate and bulk characterization


This field covers the process-oriented characterization of single granules and bulk solids under climatically defined conditions (standard climate: 22 °C, 40 % relative humidity) with standard methods according to standardized procedures or SOP.


Products and services offered


  • Technology-relevant, complex characterization of granulates and agglomerates
    • Primary characteristics (density, volume, shape, strength, porosity, sorption isotherms)
    • Processing properties (flowability, compaction behavior, storage behavior)
  • Measurement routine to describe the properties of disperse products and comparison to the state-of-the-art
  • Granulate size distribution with dry dispersion (2–2000 μm)
  • Determination of the specific fracture load and deformability of granules (45–800 μm, maximal strength 5 N)
  • Analysis of granulate and particle shape (> 15 μm)
  • Definition of bulk behavior and flowability
  • Bulk behavior at low pressures (< 20 MPa)
  • Determination of granule structure and porosity (working group Ceramography)
  • Compaction behavior at low and high compaction pressures (< 800 MPa) under adjustable climatic conditions (temperature 18–28 °C, relative humidity 15–85 %), (working group Dry Pressing, TU Dresden)
  • Characterization of the debinding behavior of bulk solids and compacts of different materials and dimensions (working group Thermal Analysis)


Technical equipment


  • Laser diffraction granulometer MS 2000 with dry dispersion, Malvern Instruments Ltd.
  • Granulate strength testers (laboratory/automatic), etewe GmbH
  • Dynamic image analysis QlCPlC, Sympatec GmbH
  • Powder rheometer FT 4 with rotation shear cell, Freeman Technology Ltd.
  • Powder tester, Hosokawa-Alpine AG
  • Tap density autotap-1, Quantachrome Instr.
  • Halogen moisture analyzer HR 73, Mettler-Toledo GmbH
  • Dynamic sorption measuring system DVS1, Porotec GmbH
  • Ring shear tester RST-01.01, Schwedes+Schulze Schüttguttechnik GmbH
  • Scott volumeter, Hall flowmeter, Cold Gas Technology GmbH
  • Friability tester PTF 20 ER, Pharma Test GmbH