Nanoporous Al2O3 ceramics

Phase transformations on calcination of a seeded inorganic precursor different kind (e.g. metals).
Pore size distribution in amorphous, microporous Al2O3 (different approaches of data evaluation; calcination at 400°C).
Tuning the pore size distribution in g-Al2O3.

Al2O3 products with pore sizes of about 1 nm and high open porosity

A special option of the IKTS synthesis of NanoCorundum enables the development of microporous alumina membranes or sintered granules for applications in separation techniques or for catalyst substrates.




  • Improved chemical resistance of alumina compared with microporous materials on a silicate basis 
  • Increased permeability (e.g. 6 l/m²*h*bar at pore size 1 nm) 
  • Crystalline and amorphous options (as they are important for catalytic applications), e.g.:
    • amorphous Al2O3 with pore sizes of about 0.9 nm
    • gamma-Al2O3 with pore sizes of 2-4 nm
  • High open porosity of about 45 %


Products and services offered


  • Development of technologies for microporous Al2O3-products with pores in the nanometer range
  • Optimizing investigations of materials and properties related to specific applications
  • Upscaling investigations supporting the development of new products
  • Investigations of the technical performance, e.g.
    • penetration of gases and fluids
    • investigations of the chemical and thermal stability
    • deposition on different substrates (e.g. metals)