Corundum (α-Al2O3) for microfiltration

Sol/gel derived corundum membrane with increased pore size and improved pore shape
High strength porous corundum substrates by optimized powder technology and pore shape.
Sol/gel derived corundum membrane with increased pore size and improved pore shape: a selected dopant enables the transformation to corundum and the growth of round pores to diameters > 100 nm without loss of porosity. High permeability by sol/gel-typical low thickness.

Membranes of high permeability with pores > 100 nm and high-strength substrates made of corundum free of glassy components

Special sol/gel and powder-technical approaches enable development and manufacture of high-strength substrates (plain, hollow fibres) and of very thin membrane films of highest permeability.




  • Products with the exceptionally high chemical and thermal stability of pure corundum (also when prepared by sol/gel processes)
  • High permeability by round shape of pores, manufacture of very thin membranes of corundum (e.g. by sol/gel approaches that give a pore size of about 200 nm)
  • Special microstructures (pore shapes) and processes avoiding the generation of flaws enable a high strength of 80-100 MPa with an open porosity of about 40 vol-% at pore sizes between 100 and 500 nm
  • Feasibility with porous hollow fibres and with flat geometries


Products and services offered


  • Development of technologies for corundum substrates and membranes with highest strength and permeability at pores sizes > 100 nm
  • Development of optimized materials for specific applications
  • Upscaling investigations supporting the development of new products
  • Investigations of the technical performance