Energy System Concepts and Systems Integration


In the "Energy System Concepts" and "Systems Intregration" working groups, various energy technology and process engineering systems are developed on a customer-specific basis, from the model to the real system, which is in part ready for series production. Extensive experience and successfully established concepts exist in particular for energy systems for off-grid, decentralized power supply with high-temperature fuel cell systems based on SOFC (e.g. eneramic®). Within this framework, we have realized numerous development projects with international industrial customers over the past ten years. We are also involved in module development and system integration of stationary energy storage systems based on high-temperature batteries (cerenergy® cells) – a battery technology based on sodium/nickel chloride solid electrolytes (Na/NiCl2), also known as ZEBRA batteries.

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1 kW-SOFC-System zur netzunabhängigen, dezentralen Stromversorgung, verschiedene Brennstoffe möglich.
© Fraunhofer IKTS / Jürgen Lösel
Na/NiCl2-Hochtemperaturbatterie zur stationären Energiespeicherung.
© Fraunhofer IKTS / Mike Klette
Teststand zur Erprobung von stationären Batteriesystemen.

Other development projects deal, for example, with hybrid systems for self-sufficient, off-grid power supply solutions by combining PV modules, fuel cell systems and battery storage systems. Through our many years of experience in test stand and equipment construction, efficient processes have been established and so far we have been able to successfully realize more than 20 different test stands and test benches for various applications. This includes test stands for reformer or burner components as well as test stands for SOFC stacks or SOFC systems in the power range from 5 W to 50 kW. In prototyping, the focus is on complete, close-to-product systems with integrated BoP components and control unit.

Services offered


Effective tools and methods are available for project processing in the field of energy and process technology with a focus on conceptual design, realization and validation. For the processing of new tasks, these can be adapted and further developed.

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Project processing in the field of energy.

Current research

Ammonia for efficient, CO2-free power generation

Current research

Simulation-based analysis and economic evaluation of energy systems


Customized SOFC systems for off-grid power supply


Sodium/nickel chloride battery systems for stationary energy storage


Prototypes, device construction and validation