Sodium/nickel chloride battery systems for stationary energy storage


In the "Energy Concept Systems" and "Systems Integration" working groups, we develop high-temperature battery systems based on sodium/nickel chloride technology. We have extensive expertise in integrating cells of various designs into battery modules for use as home, neighborhood and container storage systems. For this purpose, both a comprehensive thermal and electrical module concept and the control and regulation development for the battery management system (BMS) take place.

In the development process, we use existing simulation tools at the cell, module and application level. Accompanying, we determine the manufacturing costs of a battery system in order to elicit a cost estimate including a cost saving potential. This can be done for both small-scale and large-scale production. These results are incorporated into design decisions during the concept phase.

The developed battery system prototypes are analyzed by IKTS laboratories to validate the concepts and to test real application scenarios.

© Fraunhofer IKTS
Conceptual design of a Na/NiCl2 battery module.
© Fraunhofer IKTS
CAD model of the Na/NiCl2 battery module.
© Fraunhofer IKTS / Jürgen Lösel
Realized Na/NiCl2 battery module for stationary energy storage.

Development range

  • Module capacities: 5 kWh to 40 kWh
  • Application-specific BMS development
  • Thermal management, if necessary with heat storage (phase change material, PCM)
  • Cost estimation and calculation of cost saving potentials for small- or large-scale production


Application fields

  • Home storage in connection with photovoltaic systems
  • Bulk storage/container applications
  • Hybrid systems (Li-ion and Na/NiCl2 batteries)


Technology readiness level (TRL)

  • Laboratory prototypes
  • Demonstrators
  • Systems that are close to the final product