Customized SOFC systems for off-grid power supply


On the basis of SOFC stacks from various manufacturers, there is extensive experience in system integration leading to an operational SOFC system. In the past years, we have implemented fuel cell systems for different fuels, power classes and application areas, such as stationary cogeneration, hybrid systems with coupling of batteries and photovoltaics as well as mobile and maritime systems. The first step in this process is application-based conceptual design together with our customers using long-established design and simulation tools.

Hybrid technologies (coupling with storage systems and generators) and technology-related developments (SOE electrolyzers or reversible high-temperature fuel cells) continue to belong to the work area of the "Energy Concept Systems" and "Systems Integration" groups.

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Examples of customized fuel cell system prototypes of previous projects.

Development range

  • Power range: 100 W to 50 kW
  • Use of various fuels: ammonia, hydrogen, natural gas, LPG, methanol, biogas
  • Adapted reforming strategies: partial oxidation (POX), autothermal reforming (ATR), steam reforming (SR), anode exhaust gas recirculation (AGR)


Application fields

  • Stationary combined heat and power (µCHP) or pure power generators
  • Portable energy systems
  • Hybrid systems with coupling of batteries, photovoltaics, SuperCaps etc.
  • Maritime applications
  • Special applications, e.g. underground


Technology readiness level (TRL)

  • Laboratory prototypes
  • Demonstrators
  • Systems that are close to the final product
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Conceptual design of a customized SOFC fuel cell system.
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CAD model of the SOFC fuel cell system.
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Implemented SOFC fuel cell system for grid-independent, decentralized power supply.