Prototypes, device construction and validation


© Fraunhofer IKTS
Exhibition demonstrator for decentralized water treatment.
© Fraunhofer IKTS
Automated 3D printer for additive manufacturing of multi-material components (TRL 8).
© Fraunhofer IKTS
Portable 100 W fuel cell system eneramic® (TRL 8).

With increasing levels of technology maturity in the in-house development projects and in projects with external partners, requirements increase in order to be able to map the complete process chain from the concept to the finished system. The working groups "Energy System Concepts" and "Systems Integration" have built up extensive competencies and are able to serve the complete chain from a single source ­– from concept and installation studies to technology demonstrators, test and inspection stands as well as product-related devices and systems including CE certification.

We have many years of experience in design, electrical planning and control development, which enables us to develop, validate and demonstrate real technology samples from original ideas. Functional prototypes or CE-certified systems that are close to the final product can be realized in coordination with the project partner. Test stands, facilities and test environments for the operation of prototypes or systems are also designed, built and validated in the working group. With the help of a well-developed experimental infrastructure, numerous experiments can be carried out here.

On the basis of this experience, we have also established ourselves as a contact partner for the realization of sophisticated trade fair models as well as for the implementation of plants and machines, even outside the core competence of energy technology.


Development range

  • Concept studies
  • Space studies
  • Technology demonstrators
  • Test stands and test benches
  • Prototypes
  • Systems that are close to the final product
  • Commissioning and validation
  • CE certification