Biomass Digestion


Lab scale digesters
Flexible biogas production on demand

Research on microbiologically catalyzed conversion of biomass into biogas, ethanol and into high-quality intermediates is a major focus of the working group. Anaerobic processes are often the most sustainable form of biomass to energy conversion in terms of nutrient capture and humus potential. Despite historically long-standing use of fermentation processes technical implementation especially in the context of renewable energy and material production hides still a significant potential for optimization. The exact knowledge of energy potentials (see biomass disintegration), nutrient and energy balances as well as about process requirements on milieu is crucial for optimal utilization of new sources of raw materials. This knowledge is also necessarily required to address the newer challenges in the field of ​​bioenergy such as flexible production of electricity from biogas, the increased use of organic, often lignocellulosic residues such as straw, municipal waste from greens etc. as well as for successful process optimization of existing biogas plants.


Services offered


  • Determination of the potential gas yield and quality of gas from biogenic substrates according to VDI 4630
  • Continuous fermentation tests from laboratory to pilot scale
  • Feasibility studies
  • Determination of load limits
  • Evaluation of continuous operation stability as a function of the nutrient supply Energy and nutrient balances
  • Design and development of customized fermentation process       
    • specific substrate (including digestion and full digestion)
    • Specific application (including Demand-energy)
    • Product-specific (such as methane, hydrogen, ethanol,
    • organic acids, sugar)