System Concepts


Allgemeines Systemschema einer Brennstoffzellenanlage auf der Basis von SOFC
General system diagram of a fuel cell plant based on SOFC
© Fraunhofer IKTS
cerenergy® – the high-temperature battery for stationary energy storage.
Schnittmodell eines tragbaren Stromgenerators auf der Basis von SOFC
© Fraunhofer IKTS
Cross-section of a portable power generator based on SOFC

The scope of the “System Concepts“ working group is the system analysis, simulation, conceptual design and prototyping for energy and process plants. The team consists of highly qualified scientists and engineers in the field of thermal and applied mechanical engineering. Intense collaboration with other research groups and divisions of Fraunhofer IKTS as well as with external partners is one fundamental element of all activities.

Effective tools and methods are available for projects in the field of energy and process technology with focus on system definition, process analysis, system engineering, and demonstration. These tools and methods can be adopted and further developed to solve new tasks. The working group has extensive experience and successfully established concepts available in energy systems for off-grid and distributed generation of power with eneramic®, a high-temperature fuel cell system based on SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) as well as stationary energy storage e.g. for remote power based on high-temperature batteries.

The working group "System Concepts" is also engaged in the system development of modules and system integration of cerenergy® cells – a battery technology based on ceramic sodium batteries, also known as ZEBRA batteries. Further development projects deal with hybrid systems for self-sufficient, off-grid power supply solutions by combining PV modules, fuel cell systems and battery storage systems.


Services in the field of system definition


  • Requirements engineering – creation of requirements specifications
  • Design of systems and processes as well as simulation
  • Construction, production planning and product data management
  • Energy-economic assessment, investment appraisal


Services in the field of process analysis


  • Parameter studies, conceptual analysis and energy economical evaluation
  • Physical process simulation (stationary and dynamic)
  • Simulation-supported development of processes and control algorithms
  • Simulation-supported process optimization (process synthesis and operation)


Services in the field of demonstration


  • Project management
  • Purchasing, production tracking, planning of assembly, prototype construction
  • Prototype commissioning and experimental evaluation
  • Data acquisition and analysis, model validation