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Detector for halogenated organic compounds (Rice detector)

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Detector for halogenated organic compounds (Rice detector)

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Rice detector.
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Ceramic elements with anode heater.

Selective detection of dangerous substances (for example halogenated organic compounds, HOC) in trace concentrations is often necessary in analytical chemistry and environmental analytics. A detector based on thermal catalytic surface ionisation (TCSI detector) has been developed by IKTS in cooperation with companies meta Messtechnische Systeme GmbH and Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH. The detector is aimed for implementation in gas chromatography and features a catalytically active ceramic element with integrated heater.


Development results


The achievable sensitivity towards chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) is comparable to electron capture detectors (ECD), with a lower detection limit of <10‑9 mg. The detector features high reproducibility and long term stability and is compatible with various types of gas chromatography systems.


Services offered


  • Adaption of measuring principle to additional halogenated species
  • Optimization of detector design incl. 3D additive ceramic manufacturing
  • Supply of sensor prototypes for evaluation purposes
  • Development and transfer of technologies for sensor manufacturing


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