Magnetic ceramics


 Resistance behavior of a ceramic CMR sensor in thick-film technology
Resistance behavior of a ceramic CMR sensor in thick-film technology
Gedruckte Ringkernspule mit 60 Windungen auf einer ferritischen LTCC-Folie
Toroidal core with 60 turns printed on a ferritic LTCC tape

Magnetic materials have become an essential part of our mobile informed society. Hard-magnetic materials are used on a large scale in propulsion technology, mechatronic systems and magnetic-field-based sensors. Soft-magnetic materials have become an important element in inductive devices for signal and information transmission. Furthermore, they are used in large quantities in power supplies or battery chargers as well as in ballasts. In the past years, there has been an increasing interest to integrate such ferrites as passive elements in ceramic multilayer devices. For this purpose, newly developed ferritic materials, which can be sintered at 900°C and are compatible with LTCC substrate materials, are needed. This development is in the focus of current research. In this connection we have many years of experience:

  • Preparation of hard-magnetic and soft-magnetic ferritic materials 
  • Preparation of magnetoresistive perovskite composites
  • Development of hard-magnetic composite materials such as printing pastes and tapes
  • Sintering of ceramic magnetic materials
  • Characterization of magnetic materials


Services offered


  • Development of ceramic magnetic materials
  • Development of hard-magnetic pastes and tapes
  • Precision pole structuring
  • Determination of basic magnetic material parameters such as Br, BS or jHc


Technical equipment


  • Various grinding aggregates suitable for magnetic powders
  • Equipment for preparation of magnetic pastes
  • Tape caster for magnetic tapes 
  • Various sintering furnaces (with inert gas or partly reduced furnace atmosphere)
  • Magnetic measuring equipment: permagraph, vibrating sample magnetometer, test site for structure measurements
  • Impulse magnetizer for precision pole structuring of hard-magnetic layers


Samples and references


  • Low-sintering ferritic tapes with a permeability µr of 200 to 800
  • Magnetic structured tapes with pole distances of 1 mm and 2 mm
  • Magnetoresistive thick films
  • Absorber ferrites for electromagnetic contactor